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Submergining Cultural Heritage

Gilgit-Baltistan Policy Institute has initiated collaborative efforts with Department of Anthropology, Quaid-I-Azam, University Islamabad to encourage anthropological researches for preservation/conservation of submerging cultural heritage in Diamer-Basha Dam project Site. The first seminar “Submerging Cultural Heritage” in Diamer-Basha Dam was held on...

Courtecy Khoshi Muhammad

Special Committees

Gilgit-Baltistan Policy Institute is establishing thematic (specialist) Committees to carry out its activities under various themes including Anthropology, Climate Change and Legal Aspects. The “Committee on Anthropological Aspects” was formed on September 16, 2014. Committee Members: Mr. Fazal Amin Baig Mr....


Power to the People

Power to the People G-B to form city metropolitans under new local govt law GILGIT: The Gilgit-Baltistan Local Government Bill 2014 has been approved, with lawmakers and experts agreeing to party-based local government (LG) elections in the region. In...