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Courtecy Khoshi Muhammad

Gilgit-Baltistan Policy Institute is establishing thematic (specialist) Committees to carry out its activities under various themes including Anthropology, Climate Change and Legal Aspects.

The “Committee on Anthropological Aspects” was formed on September 16, 2014.

Committee Members:

  1. Mr. Fazal Amin Baig
  2. Mr. Rizwan Latif
  3. Mr. Sajid Ali
  4. Mr. Zubair Ahmad
  5. Mr. Mukhtar Hussain
  6. Mr. Altaf Hussain

The Committee on “Legal Aspects” was formed in January 2015.

Committee Members:

1. Mr. Hafeez Advocate
2. Mr. Sher Alam Advocate
3. Mr. Shabir Hussain Advocate
4. Mr. Dilshad Haidari Advocate
5. Mr. Sher Ahmad Advocate

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